GHX Music Software

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Convert your Guitar Hero controller in a real musical instrument

GHX Music Software is a unique tool for converting your Guitar Hero controller into a real musical instrument. It allows you to play with MP3 songs or with a real band. GHX Music Software requires an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controller, since the Wii and Play Station devices don't have the USB connection required for use with the computer. Now you'll be able to play note sequences and chords. In order to play GHX Music Software you need to understand 12 note scales, sharps and flats. Press combinations of buttons and move strum bar up and down to create new sounds. Red, Yellow and blue colored buttons will create the musical chords that you play. The green button changes a major chord into a minor chord, and the orange button changes it to a sharp by raising it by ½ step. If you want to take advantage of your simple Guitar Hero controller, transform it into a real guitar thanks to GHX Music Software.

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